We are Body Bliss Pilates Studio offering private, semi private, group, prenatal and postnatal classes.

We offer multi-level classes at all intensity levels, so you’ll feel welcome in any session.
We’ll guide the class through a sequence of exercises with layered progressions so newbies and seasoned movers will be challenged and supported appropriately.

All levels, ages & genders welcome.

Body Bliss Amenities

From the moment you step in, you’ll be surrounded by an ambiance that supports and enhances your journey towards physical well-being and mental clarity.

Top-Notch Equipment

Indulge in the excellence of our Pilates equipment selection, featuring:

Convenience and Comfort

Your comfort is our priority, with amenities that include:

Studio Rules


Please arrive 5 minutes before class. No late admittance is permitted.


Class bookings are open 2 weeks prior to class. Even if classes are sold out, do check again, 24 hours prior, to see if spots have opened up. As a newbie to our studio, you must join one of our beginner reformer classes first, before being able to book all other classes.

Check-In and Workout Gear

In Studio

There will be occasional social media content production in the studio. Please let our staff know, if you do not wish to be filmed.


All cancelations require a 12-hour notice period or you will be charged the full fee.

Studio Experience:
Find Your Zen

At Body Bliss, serenity meets strength. We are of the firm belief that Pilates is the path to a healthier body, stronger mind, and more enlightened soul.

Personal Training

For a more intimate and focused experience, we offer a personal training program that is grounded in clients’ needs.

The Team

Our instructors have put in the time, so that you can shine. Each member of the Body Bliss tribe has met the highest quality teaching standards.

Body Bliss Amenities

All levels, ages & genders


Frequently Asked Questions

Opt for comfortable and practical attire that is both absorbent and stretchy. Grippy Socks are REQUIRED for all reformer classes. You can purchase them directly in the studio, or bring your own.

Head to the Classes section on our website to learn more about each session and its benefits.

It is not necessary to take a beginners class. However, if you are out of practice, it may be good to go over the basics once more.


Feel the difference with BodyBliss